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Service and Customer Support Status

We are sorry but we are currently experiencing issues with our Customer Support and Logistics for Covid-19 testing. Please rest assured we are working hard to improve this situation.

We offer our sincere apologies to any customers who have experienced difficulties in contacting Nationwide Pathology Limited.

Our customer service team have been working incredibly hard to try and manage the unprecedented increase in enquiries following the introduction of new, government mandated, Covid-19 travel tests.

In addition, our logistics partners have struggled with a significant increase in volume, compounded by a bank holiday weekend, resulting in largescale disruption to the delivery of both kits and samples.

Please rest assured that in addition to the tremendous effort from our current staff, we are implementing a number of changes to resolve these issues. We have already significantly increased the size of our support staff and we are in the process of taking on a bespoke customer care team.

Whilst the service provided by our external logistics partners is outside of our direct control, we are working closely with them as they work to improve their performance and mitigate the impact of these delays.

We understand and regret the frustration that is caused by unanswered queries, but we have been focussing on successfully performing an unprecedented number of Covid-19 PCR tests and providing these important results as a priority.